How to Play



• 68 Contestants are selected though sign up locations at your store and through call ins.
• Contestants and NCAA Teams are put into a Randomizer and then matched to their team on Okie Country's Facebook Page. The further the Team goes the more chances to win! 
  • Each round won compounds entries.
  • April 4th the winner will be selected during our Remote broadcast @El Chico on the Shawnee Bypass.


Round 1 Winners

Round 2 Winners

Sweet 16 Winners

Elite8 Winners

Final Four Winner

Championship Game Winner

1 Entry

2 Entrees

4 Entrees

6 Entrees

8 Entrees

10 Entrees

If you win the first round: 1 in 174 chance to win

If you win the second round:1 in 58 chance to win

If you win the third round: 1 in 25 chance to win

If you win the fourth round: 1 in 13 chance

If you win the fifth round: 1 in 8 chance

If you win the Challenge: 1 in 5 chance 



Good Luck!





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